What is Search Engine Optimisation?

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

A Clear, Concise Explanation of How SEO Works

Let’s start by defining what SEO is, then we’ll look at how SEO works. Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your website to a better ranking position in the Google search engine. Without SEO your site will languish at the bottom of the search engine ranking, so no-one will find it unless they type your exact url into Google. Once SEO is applied, however, it will start to rise in the rankings, and become more visible.

What is Search Engine Optimisation, Though?

The goal of Google is to make “the world’s information universally accessible and useful”. In other words, they’re committed to offering the best available responses to search queries. In order to achieve this Google has created a list of criteria, or ranking factors, that allow them to rank websites. Search Engine Optimisation is all about making your website ‘Google-friendly’ with reference to their criteria.

An Example of SEO:

Suppose someone is looking for Christmas crafting ideas. They’ll type that phrase into Google expecting illustrations and ‘how to’ instructions in return. If this is something you have on your website, you’ll want Google to offer it up as the best response to that query. That can only happen if your website is SEO optimised.

How Does Search Engine Optimisation Work?

The Google Index contains all the information Google has ever gathered – more than all the libraries in the world. It’s created by ‘spiders’, automated software that crawls the internet collecting information for processing. Every new website is ‘crawled’ or ‘read’ by Google spiders, so that it can be stored and used in response to search queries.

If your website hasn’t been SEO optimised, the spiders won’t be able to read it properly. So they may not understand what it is your business does, or what makes it unique. A fully optimised site will offer every opportunity for a clear reading, so the site is indexed correctly, and can be used efficiently – which is all to your advantage.

What is SEO Optimisation?

SEO optimisation is the application of Google’s criteria in order to make your website readable. It can be broken down into 4 main types of activity:

  • Keyword Research. Finding the keywords people use when searching online for your product/s.
  • Website Optimisation. Ensuring that your website offers an excellent online experience to visitors.
  • Technical Optimisation. Preparing your website for ‘crawling’.
  • Establishing Your Authority. Demonstrating your value through the number of websites that link back to yours (backlinks).

A website that is proficient in all 4 areas of SEO optimisation will be promoted by Google, and should, over a period of months, get to a Page One ranking. This process is described as ‘organic’ in that it happens as part of a natural process of selection, rather than through paid advertising (PPC).

Ready to Rank Better?

Outsource Your Marketing has a specialist team that works solely on website SEO for clients. We can’t promise instant results (for that you need PPC), but we can guarantee a gradual growth in traffic to your site and full momentum, including a Page One ranking, within 4-6 months. We currently have an excellent success rate with 100% of our clients.

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