What is Your USP?

What is Your USP?

What is Your USP? – 5 Ways of Finding it

‘What is your USP?’ is a question that every business should have an immediate response to. But a surprising number don’t. So why is a unique selling point so difficult to come up with? Well, it’s one of those things that seem easy until you try to do it. If you’re a florist, or a printer, or a plumber, what realistically can you claim to be UNIQUE about your business? See what I mean?

That’s why it can be really helpful to work out the answer to ‘What is your USP?’ alongside an experienced marketing specialist. Because they know what the question is searching for. It’s not really about the one unique thing that you do that no-one else does. Instead, it’s about the way your business approaches the things that everyone does, that makes your service absolutely unique.

Interested? Here are 5 questions that we use with clients to extract the unique essence of their business:

1. What Do You Do That’s Rare – Rather Than Unique?

Rare is much easier to deal with than unique. It’s likely that you offer a service, or product, that comparatively few other businesses do. Which makes you special, and differentiates you from the rest. So if there’s even just one rare thing you offer – such as a sustainable workplace, or 100% organically sourced ingredients – you have a story to tell that people will find interesting, because it’s out of the ordinary.

2. Who are Your Team?

So few businesses take advantage of the USP that members of their team provide naturally. Personal stories are fascinating because they really are unique. The Outsource Your Marketing team works with employees to create engaging life stories out of real events. These demonstrate how being a mother, starting out in a different field, or working as part of a local charity, shapes and enhances your approach to your work and the way that you do it.

3. What Do You Value?

Some businesses value speed and efficiency; others are happy to be slower because it’s a crafted process that they value. The worst of all world is to try to be all things to all people, and yet satisfy none. If you hand-finish every product – celebrate it. And tell your customers why it’s important to you. If a proportion of your employees are recruited from a local homeless charity – tell us about it.

4. What Excites You?

The word ‘enthusiasm’ come from the Greek ‘enthous’ which means ‘possessed by a god’. This goes some way to explaining why someone’s passion, or enthusiasm can be so captivating. Not every business has an enthusiast, and not every enthusiast can inspire excitement. But, if you have someone that can bring a room to silence with their sheer joy at what they do – then they are an amazing USP to have.

5. Where are You Located, and Why?

If the answer to this is on an industrial park, there may not be too much mileage. But there’s plenty of businesses that are located in historic houses, haunted houses, re-purposed premises, or family homes. If your location is meaningful, your customers will want to know. The OYM team have unearthed some fascinating stories that no-one had even bothered to mention, because they didn’t think it important.

Working With Outsource Your Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing is a UK-based network of experienced specialists who will do all the marketing jobs you’re too busy for. From running a one-off USP workshop, to managing your social media, to helping with your brand identity. You only pay us when you need us, and you get 100% delivery on your goals. Want to give it a go? Just tell us what you need, and we’ll provide a specialist.

Would you like to know more about any of the work we do at Outsource Your Marketing? Call the team today on 01234 900203


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