Why Use Social Media for Business?

Why Use Social Media for Business?

Social Media is About More Than Marketing

Still don’t have a social media strategy? Waiting to be convinced that you need one? Outsource Your Marketing is on a mission to broaden awareness of the benefits social media for business can offer to your brand. We’ll explore the business benefits of using it for marketing, but beyond that, we’ll be looking at its application for growing sales, and successful recruitment.

Social media for business is no longer cost free, but it still remains one of the most cost-effective channels for reaching out to existing customers, potential employees and people who don’t know they want to buy from you yet. Billions of people use social media every day, so it makes sense that brands need to go where their customers are.

Social Media for Business

In this article we explore:

Table of Contents

  • Social Media for Marketing
  • Social Media for Recruitment
  • Social Media for Sales
  • How to Measure Social Media Success
  • Which Social Media Platform is Best for Business?

Social Media For Marketing

Crafting a brand voice, growing a following and getting to know your audience are all ways to learn about what customers want from your business. Sustained social media marketing helps you to develop your brand voice. By listening to followers, finding ways to resonate with them, and developing a relationship that makes them want to interact regularly, you’re creating the voice that will sell your product.

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Set yourself a disciplined schedule for posting and keep to it. Try out different types of post and track responses to the via analytics. This way you find out what’s popular, what followers want more of and what to avoid. Remember to keep the posts interactive – try quizzes, surveys, and competitions.

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Social Media For Recruitment

Social media is a powerful tool for business recruitment due to its wide reach and targeted advertising capabilities. Firstly, social media platforms such as LinkedIn allow businesses to reach a vast audience of potential candidates, including active job seekers and passive candidates who may not be actively looking for new opportunities. Businesses get to tap into a huge pool of candidates in increase their chance of finding the right fit.

Secondly, social media platforms provide advanced targeting options that allow businesses to narrow down their recruitment efforts to specific demographics, locations, or industries. This level of precision ensures that job postings are seen by individuals who possess the desired skills and qualifications, increasing the likelihood of attracting highly qualified candidates. And you’re able to engage via direct messaging, comments, or live chats.

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Social Media for Sales

Social media has emerged as a highly effective tool for businesses to drive sales and boost revenue. Here’s why it’s worth investing some of your advertising budget:

  • Social media platforms provide a vast audience reach, allowing businesses to connect with potential customers on a global scale.
  • Targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviours allows businesses to reach the right audience and increase the visibility of their products or services.
  • Facebook and Instagram have sales platforms and the facility to create shoppable posts that make it simple for brands to sell online.
  • Create engaging content, such as videos, images, and interactive posts, enables businesses to capture attention, generate interest, and ultimately drive sales conversions.
  • Sponsored posts, and targeted social media ads allow businesses promote their products or services to a highly relevant audience.
  • Social media provides valuable data and analytics, enabling businesses to track and measure the success of their sales campaigns, make data-driven decisions, and optimise their strategies for maximum impact.

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How to Measure Social Media for Business Success

What do You Want From Your Social Media Accounts

The analytics offered by social media platforms ensure that social media ROI can be tracked and evaluated. The data generated by this process can also be utilised to improve campaign effectiveness. Here’s how to manage your goal tracking successfully:

  1. Set Goals. Make sure that you know what goals you want to achieve with your social media campaign, and that your strategy is designed to achieve them.
  2. Have a Long-Term Goal. You won’t achieve everything in one go with social media for business. Be aware of how short-term goals lead to long-term goal fulfilment.
  3. Set Up Goal Tracking. When you have your goals, you can determine which metrics you need to track, such as audience, engagement, reach.
  4. Find Out How Conversions Happen. Track how conversions happen from being seeded in social media posts. This complex tracking is an important learning process.
  5. Evaluate Posts and Engagement. Use data to find out which posts give the best return in terms of conversions and optimise these.
  6. Spend vs. Success. How much did you spend and what was the success it achieved for you. You may find that you need to adjust strategy, or goals to

Which Social Media Platform is Best For Business?

The best social media site for your business is the one that offers you the most appropriate and comprehensive toolbox for the goals you’re pursuing.

For Sales and Marketing

Deciding on the social media platform that will best serve your needs depends on several factors, including the target audience, business objectives, and content type. However, Facebook stands out as one of the top choices for businesses due to its massive user base, diverse demographics, and robust advertising capabilities. With billions of active users worldwide, businesses can effectively reach a wide range of potential customers.

Facebook’s sophisticated targeting options allow businesses to tailor their ads to specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, maximising the chances of reaching the right audience. There’s also a variety of content formats, including text, images, videos, and live streams, offering flexibility for businesses to engage with their audience in creative ways.

Finally, Facebook’s comprehensive analytics tools provide valuable insights into campaign performance, enabling businesses to refine their strategies and optimise their advertising efforts for better results.

For Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, LinkedIn stands out as the top social media platform for businesses. Specifically designed for professional networking, LinkedIn provides a vast pool of qualified candidates and allows businesses to showcase their employer brand. With millions of professionals actively using the platform, LinkedIn offers unparalleled access to talent across various industries and job levels.

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Its advanced search filters and recommendation algorithms help recruiters find the right candidates based on skills, experience, and qualifications. Additionally, LinkedIn’s robust features, such as job postings, company pages, and networking groups, enable businesses to connect directly with potential candidates, engage in meaningful conversations, and build valuable professional relationships.

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If you’re convinced by the argument but lacking the resources, call Outsource Your Marketing to talk about our social media for business packages. We provide tailored solutions that draw on the expertise of our social media specialists. We do the big stuff – like creating a social media management or managing paid ads campaigns. But we’ll also do the content creation and scheduled posting if that’s what you require.

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